December 1st

The song of the day THE ROOP - On Fire

Hey, You, awesome person! ( ᐛ )و

How does the 1st of December look like for you? 

We are so excited to see you here! Big fat thank-you for taking part in our challenges.  Hope you won’t skip the first one.  However stupid it seems to talk to yourself in a video, it’s actually quite nice to reflect on things like these later on. It’s like a journal!

This one is easy. Challenges might get harder over time (•‾̑⌣‾̑•).

Like we’ve said before this is an interactive guide to add a bit more twist and fun to your challenges and brighten up your day. Hope you get that little motivational kick from this.

So building on today’s challenge, pick something:

Dancing: choose your best track, partners in crime, and give the beat all you have, like nobody’s watching. Extra challenge: learn an actual short routine. Youtube is full of  short tutorials. Bacahtta basics? Salsa? Cha-cha? House?

Singing: choose that song in karaoke mode and make all the neighbors hear it. Extra challenge – sing a duet or even a quartet. The more the merrier!

Drawing: get your tools (a piece of paper or software) and just start doodling whatever. Give yourself time to feel the flow. Extra challenge: give your masterpiece as a gift to someone who reminds you of it. Or rather you would like the piece to remind them of you 🙂

Master-level challenge: Combine dancing/singing or drawing. Yes, you can do it. Chris Brown will show you how -●-●-ヽ(`∀´)ゝ

 Enjoy yourself and don’t forget to have fun! Congratulations on day 1!