December 2nd

The song of the day Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows

ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ

Hellowww, long time no see, Advent’urer,

It’s all about the spirit. And legends has it that we are wild animals and our spirit needs to reconnect with nature. The benefits are tremendous. We’re not gonna go into details (internet is full of that), but here are a few:

  • Being in nature boosts your life satisfaction (yeaaah boyy)
  • Soaking up the sun elevates vitamin D levels (no wonder there’s a song about sunshine lollipops)
  • Spending time outdoors may lower blood pressure (long walks, relaxing in the forest or by the lake)
  • Outdoor time can reduce inflammation (There’s a thing called forest therapy actually)
  • Being outside is good for eyesight (wandering at horizons…)
  • Outdoor time improves sleep (nothing like a good long time outside and a power nap)
  • Being outdoors burns more calories (especially if you workout outside)
  • Spending time outside increases happiness ( :))) )
  • Nature relieves stress, anxiety and depression (once again, nothing like a long walk to clear your mind)
  • Outdoor time relieves pain naturally (nature does naturally)
  • Spending time in green spaces boosts immunity (all the micro flora, antioxidants and stuff)
  • Time outdoors increases social interaction (much more likely to meet someone than being indoors, right?)
  • Beautiful nature generates creativity (mountains, lakes, rivers, sea, oh the sea…)

Hopefully this will motivate you to do your challenge and let’s check it again:

  1. A lunch break which you then split into two parts – eating and walking outside. Do whatever first.
  2. Spend more time enjoying outside rather than eating.
  3. Try to take a nice path near a park/nature/trees.

Also we think this is a very cool video about nature, takes 12 minutes, you might learn something new!