December 9th

The song of the day You sexy thing

Hey there, good looking, fella!

Why compliments feel so good? Well, they light up your brain in the right places
Ever overheard someone saying compliments are a gift? Well, it turns out that may not be far off the mark. A few years ago, in a study where participants’ brains were scanned using MRI, researchers discovered that receiving compliments led to similar activation in reward areas of the brain, such as the striatum, as receiving monetary gifts. This suggests not only that social and monetary rewards are processed in a similar manner, but also that social rewards can feel just as good as monetary rewards. This may explain why people sometimes forego monetary benefits to help other people: the warm glow you get from helping that poor refugee child may make you feel so good that you’re happy to sacrifice a few euros.

Talking about compliments, today’s challenge is all about it.

1) Have the courage to compliment people you were keeping away from.

2) If this is too hard, try to find something nice about people around you. If they’re not around, text someone.

3) Say it. Just do it. You can easily find something nice to say about anyone.

4) Watch them lighting up 🙂

However, we do know how hard it might be to find things to say sometimes… That being said, we invite you to listen to this great guy speaking about compliments and how we can make them more meaningful and natural. While compliments are nice and all, they can be tricky. Too much feels fishy and untasteful, not giving any at all is not good too. It’s like a skill that one can attain through practice. A skill that gives back.

Enjoy your day, champ.