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Pasileidžiam kasas

if I had a dollar for every time I thought of you

I’d have $1, because I never stop thinking about you

I don’t need Apple Maps to get completely lost in your eyes.


Are you subtitles?

Cause I just can’t get my EYES OFF YOU…

i’d say god bless you, but it looks like… he already did

Give up chicken breast and you’ll taste mine instead.

Do you believe in love at first swipe?

Girl, you better have a license, cuz you are driving me crazy!

Do you know what’d look good on you? Me.

What is a nice girl like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?

Hey gorgeous, will you be my Tinderella?


Even if there wasn’t any gravity on earth, I would still fall for you!

Hey Babe! Can I ship you a drink?

I am going to complain to Spotify about you not being this weeks hottest single.

he: I’m sure you have the most powerful super power

She: which one?

he: your smile melts anyone in sec

Girl, I know you’re vegan, but my meat ain’t got no substitute.

Hey, my name is Microsoft.

Can I crash at your place tonight?

I found a new gym. It’s called My Bed and it’s free to join.

Are you COVID-19 because if I had you near me I wouldn’t leave the house for two weeks straight

I know you’re busy today

but can you add me to your to-do list

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, We’re a match on Tinder, So I think we should screw

You wanna know what’s beautiful? Read the first word again

are you my ambitions?

cos i’ll never quit on you

hey, you should tie your shoelaces…

I don’t want you falling for anyone else

I want to dip u in green paint and spank u like a disobedient avocado!

Are you parents oysters? Cause you are pearl

my hear does a little “!” when I see you


If you were a vegetable you’d be a cutecumber

love is a chemical reaction and you’re my catalyst

Call the police!! It’s illegal to be this beautiful.

Aww...so f.. sweetAww...so f.. sweetAww...so f.. sweetAww...so f.. sweetAww...so f.. sweetAww...so f.. sweetAww...so f.. sweetAww...so f.. sweetAww...so f.. sweetAww...so f.. sweet

Are you Chrome? Cause you have everything I was searching for.

Are you looking for a naughty boy? Because I only washed my hands for 19 seconds

I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?


Wanna get closer than 6 feet?

I got a stimulus package that guaranteed to improve your economy.


Hey, we’re a match! Does this mean we’re dating now? Give me a second, I need to change my Facebook relationship status.

Today I don’t feel like doing anything.

Except you.

I would do you.

*spills water on lady*

I see you’re quite wet, I tend to have that effect on woment

Her: you hate to do the pick up line now xD

Him: Ah fuck you… Let me think of one that will blow you away

Him: Jk, it’s me, I’ll blow you away.

Her: Couldn’t have imagined a better pick up line than this.

What if I told you I have **whispers** “60 rolls of ultra-soft toilet paper”

If I was your coworker, I’d sexually harass you.

Me without You is like

Shoes without laces..

Nerd without braces..



I hope you know CPR… Cause you take my breath away…

if a fat guy in a red dress and a white beard tries to kidnap you, don’t you worry..

Because i’ve asked you as a gift from santa

How many times have you pictured me naked since we matched?

Is your name Earl Grey? Because you look like a hot-tea!

Wanna get closer than 6 feet?

Your face. I like that shit.

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m not that pretty but damn look at you.

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How do you pronounce your last name??

doesn’t matter… i’m gonna change it anyways..

I am new in town. Can I have the directions to your house please?

“I really can’t stay” / “Baby it’s COVID-19 outside”

if baby shark can do do

then why can’t we?

God gave you everything..

except my phone number

Sorry! But you owe me a drink. Cause mine fell looking at you.

Hey girls are you a Hong King protester?

because the thoughts of you being taken makes me nervous


I’ve had a crush on you for 2 hours

You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree, but the best way to fall… is in love with me.

You should call me anesthetic..

cos i’ll never let anything hurt you

Me: Hey, PUT IT DOWN!!

Crush: What? I don’t have anything.


I stare at YOU, when you are not looking…

Is that a carrot in your pocket or are you just happy to see me!


Our love is like COVID-19. No one saw it coming and we move fast.

If I were a watermelon, would you spit or swallow my seeds?

Not a photographer… Bur I can picture us TOGETHER!

Fire backFire backFire backFire backFire backFire back

69 miles away, huh? Well that’s ironic…

Do you have a name or can I call you mine?

Can I plow that field and plant some seeds?

Hey baby, let me show you where vegans come from!

my love for you is like the stars during the day…


you might not see it easily, but it exists infinitely

Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile.

He: hey girl, wanna play hide & seek?

She: sure

He: actually i can’t

She: why not?

He: cause a girl like you is really hard to find