Twenty4: Lockdown Holidays edition


Lockdown holidays – perfect time to start doing what truly matters. You won’t need to run to buy presents or eat all the chocolate in the world. You will become your own creator, innovator, warm those around you. Basically, Twenty4 tries to provide an additional feel-good twist to  social interactions and day-to-day activities. Dive into the challenge heads on, take all you can, and share it with the ones you love!


DIY Game of 24 challenges. Challenge yourself with good deeds for yourself and others. Treat yourself, socialize and have some You time. You’re worth it.

And the best part – you can totally make it as an awesome personalized gift. Hand-made and customized by you.

“Twenty4” includes:

  • Digital print files in PDF format. The game consists of 24 cards. Each card contains a Christmas greeting in a different language, fun facts about Christmas, challenges, and treats which often require only your own goodwill.
  • Digital surprises. Each card contains a QR code that you can read with your mobile device. It will then open you a surprise.  Surprise consists of additional information about the given challenge and awesome related content. Music, videos, GIFs, and fun facts.  Little example here.
  • User guide for usage and printing.

Freedom of choice. 4 different calendar variations

  • “Twenty4” Challenge – print design filled with our hand-picked challenges and treats.
  • “Twenty4” Personal – print design with some space for your creativity. Think of your personal treats!
  • “Twenty4” Pro – print design with all the space for your creativity.  Both the challenges and the treats are in your hands. Use this power wisely!
  • “Twenty4” Digital – in case you’re up for saving the trees and the paper. We included all the cards as colorful images for nice and quick display on mobile devices. Supah easy to share.

How it works?

1. Buy and download print design of “Twenty4: Lockdown Holidays edition” 

2. Choose the version you like.

Your downloaded file will contain several files. Each will represent a different version of the game

  • “Twenty4” Challenge – print design filled with our own challenges and treats.
  • “Twenty4” Personal – print design with some space for your creativity. Think of your personal treats!
  • “Twenty4” Pro – print design with all the space for your creativity. Both the challenges and the treats are in your hands. Use this power to make advent better for you and your loved ones!
  • “Twenty4” Digital – in case you’re up for saving the trees and the paper. We made a nice PDF file with the “Twenty4” game for you to view on your devices.

Pick one and print it at home, office, or print shop. Don’t worry, there’s nothing special about it. We made a guide as well.

All you need to print is A4 paper. Colored is nicer. White works too. There are 2 cards per each page, so you will need 12 pages in order to print the full game for one variation.

3. Setup the cards

In case you’ve chosen the “Challenge” version. Relax and move to step 4.

In case you’ve chosen the “Personal” or “Pro” variations. You’ll have to think of challenges or/and treats you want to give yourself or others.

If you give it as a gift to your friend or relative this is a great opportunity to make it personal. Think of things you want to try/change and rewards that will motivate you or your close ones. That will guarantee no motivation loss over time!

4. Well… use the cards

So there are several things on the card. Some of which is up to you to find out, but the major things are these:

  • Christmas Greetings in different languages
  • Learn a word or two, greet your foreigner friends.
  • Fun facts about Christmas
  • Challenges
  • Treats
  • QR Code (the surprise)

Each card includes a QR code that can be scanned. You will then be taken to product website and see an extended description of a day’s challenge. Also some surprises… Maybe a good Christmas song ar a funny video, a thought provoking question? See for yourself.

5. Enjoy it yourself or share it with your friends!

Really, take the most out of it. Create your own festive spirit during this winter!

Share your journey on instagram with #twenty4 and let’s stay connected!


Run faster. This world is constantly increasing its speed. Sometimes you don’t even understand how you got next to the table full of food and relatives and then, suddenly, hold a Christmas present in your lap. “Super” markets full of decorations, candies, bling-bling, and lights – screaming “It’s Christmas!!!” since October 1st. Then suddenly it’s New Years Eve and it’s all gone in the ever-chasing sprint of festivities, presents and personal milestones.

Sometimes you charge yourself with good energy. And sometimes you get exhausted and everything starts feeling dull. This year is very different as the world faces challenges to a scope it has never seen before. The pandemic, social distancing, prohibitions and pretty much locked down way of living is the new norm. While we have all the digital tools to stay connected, it raises challenges in reality. Especially mental ones. Coping with change is never easy and our goal is to make it a little more fun and meaningful.

We believe that by spending some time to meaningfully interact with yourself and others plays a huge role in life. 

That’s why we invite you to become a Creator, Inventor, warmer and maybe even slightly better. To self. To others. This game is what we made to try and inspire you for a little change.